Subiaco Wellness Clinic
Subiaco Wellness Clinic

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Subiaco Wellness Clinic - Naturopath
Subiaco Wellness Clinic - Naturopath

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Subiaco Wellness Clinic
Subiaco Wellness Clinic

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We are accredited in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Body Composition Testing.


An hour is reserved for the first consultation and 30-45 minutes for subsequent consultations.


Follow up care and support is very important and we are available over the phone, email or text for subsequent enquiries or concerns.


We are members of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.


Private Health Fund Rebates available

Our Team


Diane Pascoe is an experienced practitioner with a traditional naturopathic approach while keeping up to date with the latest research. 


It is our role as naturopaths to use natural methods to assist people with their health.  We view the body as a powerful regenerating organism and when placed in the right conditions is able to heal itself.  Our focus is to treat the body holistically, taking into account the persons physical, mental, and emotional state, and the impact they have on health and wellbeing.


We consider ourselves complementary therapists as we believe orthodox medicine has its place.  We like our clients to use the best of both worlds.


We work holistically by providing a long consultative process to achieve a greater understanding of our clients.  The consultation pays attention to the clients symptoms in great detail, history, current medication and supplements, diet, body composition and emotional state. 


We individualise our clients treatment protocols by taking into account our clients needs, abilities and budget.

News & Publications



Fad? Or a good idea?


There are a lot of different diets that come and go - which ones are best?



Reboot your system with a 'Detox'

Christmas overindulgences? Endless social gatherings?  Feeling the bloat? If you've had a 'holiday' from your usual healthy eating pattern then read further.

Contact Us


(08) 9485 2800


716 Murray Street

West Perth WA 6005

Western Australia



Areas of Practice

Digestive Complaints



Women and Men's Health

Anxiety and Depression​​​​​

Weight Loss



Hormonal Imbalances






Thyroid Issues


Skin Complaints


Body Composition



New   New   New

Great news!

Diane Pascoe will be consulting from West Perth Osteopathy

716 Murray Street

West Perth

Clients will appreciate scheduling appointments online or through the receptionist. Remedies may also be purchased 6 days a week, during clinic hours.

For an appointment please phone 9485 2800 or