Our Practitioners

We combine experience and the latest evidence based individualised protocols to achieve maximum benefits for our valued clients

Our Naturopathic approach to your care is gentle, focused and targeted.  We look at you as a whole and aim to treat the cause of your complaint as well as the symptoms. We also aim to educate and motivate you to take control of your own health with lifestyle and dietary changes. 


We are accredited in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Iridology.



What will happen at my Initial Consultation?


An hour is reserved for the first consultation and 30-45 minutes for subsequent consultations. 


The inital consultation is important for us to gather as much information about your health in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.  You will be asked questions concerning your presenting complaint, about your different body systems, your diet and lifestyle habits, as well as your history of illness.  Some physical examinations and testing may be done during this and/or subsequent consultations such as blood pressure, iridology, zinc tally, tongue and nail analysis and body compositino testing.  Salivary hormone testing and hair mineral analysis may also be required.


Each treatment plan is customised to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.



The Clinic

The clinic lay-out provides a large, safe child friendly waiting area for children to play, with transparent partitioning allowing parents to view their children during the consultation while enabling them to speak freely about their child’s issues or about themselves.  Blinds can be shut for privacy.

Follow up care and support is very important and we are available over the phone, email or text for subsequent enquiries or concerns.


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Subiaco Wellness Clinic