Cold and Flu Fighting Strategies


The key to using natural remedies to fight and prevent infections is to GET ONTO IT QUICKLY!!!


As soon as you have a stuffy nose or congested sinuses, put 2 sprays of a sodium chloride and essential oil combination into each nostril 2 hourly. Targeting where the infection begins can work really well at knocking it on the head quickly.


Any sign of a sore throat use a herbal throat spray every few hours. This should help fight the infection and provide relief from soreness.


At the start of the cold/flu season it is a good idea to use preventative measures, whether that be using a good quality form of Echinacea in a liquid or tablet, or another option is to take a small dose of a combination of the Cordyceps, Coriolus, Shitake and Reishi mushrooms. These have a powerful impact on the immune system plus the fact they are essentially a food makes it a very safe remedy to use long term as there isn’t a risk of causing a nutritional imbalance or creating a lot of work for the liver.

At this time of year on the cusp of hay fever season, a remedy that contains Epicor has been shown to not only help prevent and/or decrease the severity of cold and flu, it also treats hay fever! Once the cold or flu starts to take hold, this is the time to pull out “the big gun’ which is a combination of the herbs Andrographis, Sambucus (also known as Elderberry) and Hu-Huang-Lian, as well as zinc. The remedies mentioned need to be prescribed by a naturopathic practitioner as they are very powerful and in some circumstances do not suit people who are suffering from a particular condition or might be taking medication that isn’t compatible with the above protocols.


From a nutritional point of view it is beneficial to have a diet rich in whole natural foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains while combatting a cold or flu. If following a high protein diet it’s advisable to lay off the protein and increase GOOD QUALTY CARBOHYDRATES. Steer clear of JUNK FOOD while unwell. You can take all the tablets and herbs under the sun however if your diet is poor, the remedies will not be effective. Placing the body in the right conditions needs to be a holistic approach.

To exercise or not exercise?

When struck down by a cold or flu an issue that can present itself is whether you should be exercising or not. One simple rule is the “Neck Rule”. This means if symptoms such as a sore throat or runny nose is present, you should be fine. Exercising can stimulate the immune system. When symptoms are below the neck or systemic, such as a nasty cough or aching muscles/joints, or fatigue, it is best to rest.



This season is set to be a real doozey what with the recent wet weather and loads of sunshine. A new remedy, which main component is Epicore, has become available on the market. So far, Jeanette and I are seeing good results. This remedy is made up of a number of nutrients including a probiotic, vitamins and minerals that have gone through an involved process of fermentation.

Epicore has a beneficial effect on the gut such as protecting the lining and promoting gut immunity.  Trials have shown a positive impact on colds, flus and seasonal allergy. The data reveals the higher the pollen count, the more effective Epicore works in reducing and or preventing hay fever symptoms.

This is a very safe and gentle remedy that I have been prescribing particularly for my hay fever clients.

Please contact the clinic soon if you haven't started your hay fever protocol!