Vaccination Debate

Do all Naturopaths discourage vaccinations?


Absolutely not! We have been dismayed to read in the media that Naturopaths are being put in the same camp as "alternative practitioners" that discourage vaccinations. This simply is not the case. Parents have a valid concern about potential side effects of vaccinations - there is evidence that there are potentially very nasty side effects, however they are VERY rare. The use of vaccinations is an area where naturopathy complements orthodox medicine effectively.  


In this practice, we encourage parents to have their child vaccinated when their immune system is strong.  This means not having your child vaccinated if they have a cold or fever and to wait until it passes. On the day of the vaccination, we like parents to give one or two remedies to enhance their child's immune function and to prevent fever.


In this day and age of so much information being available at the tips of our fingers it is easy to be frightened of vaccinations - everyone wants the best for their children. The facts are most vaccinations work most of the time, however most of us need to be vaccinated to keep potentially deadly or serious diseases out of our community. Another fact sad to state is that homoeopathic vaccinations do NOT work.


Seeking the advice and care of a Naturopath does not mean turning your back on orthodox medicine such as vaccinations. Naturopaths cannot diagnose or cure disease however we provide a holistic approach and look at the whole picture in an effort to make your body stronger and healthier thus preventing disease. Naturopaths complement orthodox medicine.  We are not an alternative.  It is to your advantage to use the best of both worlds.



Recent Homoeopathy Report - Opinion or science?

The NHMRC report on homoeopathy portrayed homoeopathy in a negative light. Looking closely at the details and facts surrounding this report it appears inaccurate and biased.

This study reviewed only 60 studies of a possible 1300 submitted-no reason was given for those rejected. In my opinion, why choose a study on the effectiveness of homoeopathic treatment for cholera? Sectors of the media "ran with" the negative aspects of the report however it had many critics including radio presenter and commentator Paul Murray.