Yes, exercise is THAT good for you


  1. CANCER TREATMENT OUTCOMES  A number of recent studies have proven that exercising improves your recovery from cancer treatment. The studies so far have focused on breast and prostate cancer so it will be interesting to see benefits for other types of cancers. The studies suggested that not only did patients feel better and were more healthy during their cancer treatment, the success of the treatment was enhanced, meaning an increased likelihood of remission compared to those that didn't exercise.

  2. REDUCES INCIDENCE OF DEMENTIA. Experts in this field are often asked by the concerned ageing public how they can reduce their chances of suffering dementia and improve their cognitive function. The most common first response is EXERCISE. Diet, lifestyle and stimulating the brain all play a role, however, studies are proving that regular exercise is number one.

  3. ALKALISING. As we pant while exercising, we are expelling carbon dioxide. This in turn improves our acid/alkaline balance.

  4. BONE HEALTH. As we pound the pavement or lift weights not only are we improving our muscle mass, we are strengthening our bones, thus helping prevent osteoporosis.

  5. SLEEP. Good quality sleep has become a casualty of our 24/7 busy lifestyles, plus the constant exposure to screens is upsetting our brain waves. Exercise calms the mind, which is conducive to sleep.

  6. CORE STRENGTH. Regular core exercises not only help our appearance but as we age, a strong core will assist in preventing incontinence.  Bowel motility in general is also enhanced. Such a good reason to exercise.

  7. LYMPHATIC PUMP. The action of our exercising muscles stimulates the movement of fluid (lymph) in our lymphatic system. This encourages detoxification and has a positive effect on our immune system.

  8. STRESS RELIEVER. Run off the anger, punch away the anxiety, take your mind off your worries and think about your next breath or step. While we are exercising we are "burning off" cortisol.

  9. AGEING WELL We are all living longer, but we want to live it well by being independent, mentally sharp, and agile. Good lean muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness will improve the likelihood of being an active member of the community and hopefully not in a high care retirement hostel.

  10. WEIGHT LOSS. Regular exercise doesn't just burn calories, it also changes your whole mindset. If you have just worked out really hard during an exercise class and burnt up 400 calories, the temptation to undo all of your good work is reduced. Group exercise also assists weight loss as the people you associate with influence your behaviour.