Chromium concern - flash in the pan

A few months ago, Jeanette and I became concerned on hearing reports in the media about the supplement form of chromium being linked to cancer. We care very much about our clients' safety and like to err on the side of caution, so in light of that study we paused all chromium prescriptions and sales until we had more information and clarification.

We have since learned that the study observed mice fat cells after exposure to chromium. The study did not take into account physiological mechanisms that naturally occur in the body. The researcher who conducted the research showed bias against all supplements and the conclusion was it "raised questions and more studies are needed".

Usually when a controversial study is published, more studies are quoted in the media supporting that controversial outcome ... in this case the silence was deafening. I'm not saying the study should be dismissed; however, the use of chromium in large dosages by body builders has been going on for decades. Further, most pregnancy multivitamins contain chromium and supplements prescribed for pregnant women are studied and researched thoroughly.

Large dosages and long term use of any supplement has risks - this is the reason why supervision by a health professional is important. Jeanette and I have taken the pause button off chromium prescriptions at this time; however, we continue to keep a watchful eye on the situation.

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